Company Name: Tiam Sanat Alborz

Company registration number: 275982

Company founding date: 01/19/1385

Subject of activity: Execution and technical management of industrial and construction projects



Introduction of a Company


Tiam Sanat Alborz Company has started its activity since 1999. During these years, many challenging and specialized projects have been carried out by this company, which has increased our skills and experience in carrying out and completing oil and gas projects, petrochemical and construction industries, as well as providing technical solutions. At present, Tiam Sanat Alborz Company, as one of the level 1 contractors in oil and gas refinery projects, petrochemical industries, pipelines and civil engineering, plays an important role and provides a wide range of services in the implementation of these projects. The company with equipment, machinery and experienced and committed personnel in the fields of management, execution, planning, technical office, quality control and the ability to perform industrial and construction projects such as PIPING, PAINTING, STRUCTURE, TANK, MECHANICAL INSULATION CIVIL.CIVIL را دارد .

It is worth mentioning that Tiam Sanat Alborz Technical and Engineering Company has certificates of contracting competence in the fields of oil and gas (grade 4), buildings and structures (grade 5), facilities and equipment (grade 5) and..